Welcome to my website

Living and working on the banks of the River Tees provides me with a great deal of inspiration.  The diversity of the towns, villages and people along the River Tees is a constant source of intrigue, from Tees Head in the North Pennines along the 85 mile route to the North Sea between Hartlepool and Redcar.  My work is produced using variety of media, to produce an image that conveys a visual dialogue.


Using photographs and artefacts, found items and literature, I intuitively develop a series of layers; each interacting with the previous one, thus creating a sequence of events.  A system of communication is developed during these interactions, resulting in an image which is unpredictable, having been both constrained and liberated by the process.

In allowing particular elements of each layer to remain visible, the painting evolves with a sense of depth and history. My technique not only invites the viewer to interpret a visual narrative, but also to engage with the methods used.